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"Painting is my chief means of expression, the expression of a reflection of my world and ideas. Concepts both classical and modern play together much like the contents of a stream bed and the reflections of the world around it".
As true as this was when I said it four years ago, I still find it a useful thought.  Back in the States after thirteen years abroad, living as an artist in rural France, my life has changed radically.  I carry on in the San Francisco Bay area, where I will plant new roots, while still revisiting Provence and Paris, the places I called home for all of my thirties.  Je ne regrette rien.
I am in the process of restarting my life.  The paintings that are going on right now are a reflection of my portable self.  They will be on display soon.  As well, I have slimmed down since this picture was taken.  My advancing age keeps me determined to remain healthy.  

Petrov Gallery Oil Painting
A Painter Who Teaches

A painter must paint. However, the transferance of techniques, exchange of ideas, and inspiration to others who wish to paint represents as much of a vital role to the artist as does the making of art. As a teacher, I facilitate in others the discovery of the primordial act of image making.


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To learn more about my painting workshops in Provence, Paris, Miami, Sonoma, Dallas, Kansas City and my online painting course, please contact me.